NCRE-PAD Personnel

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Dr Chris Askew

Assoc.Professor Askew is based at Queensland University of Technology where he is a co-leader of the Energy Metabolism Group at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, and Senior Lecturer (Clinical Exercise Physiology) and Clinic Director within the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.  He is a clinical exercise physiologist with a particular interest in the pathophysiology and treatment of exercise intolerance in people with chronic disease. Much of his research has focused on the acute and chronic physiological effects of ischaemia, and how these relate to the mechanisms of exercise intolerance in Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). He has published a number of clinical studies investigating the effects of exercise rehabilitation in PAD, and these studies are underpinned by experimental investigations of muscle metabolism and morphology, microcirculation and angiogenesis, limb blood flow, and muscle fatigue.  Dr Askew is an executive member of the Exercise is Medicine National Taskforce and is the current President of Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA).