NCRE-PAD Personnel

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Dr Nicola Burton

Dr Burton is a registered psychologist with endorsements in clinical and health psychology. She has experience as a clinician and university lecturer, and as a researcher she studies physical activity patterns, influences, interventions, and links with health and wellbeing. 

After graduating with a Masters in Clinical Psychology from The University of Queensland (UQ), Dr Burton practiced as a consultant psychologist in the areas of employee assistance and vocational/psychiatric rehabilitation, with a specific focus on stress and anxiety disorders, and self-management/behaviour change programs. Moving to an academic career, she has developed and delivered courses in areas related to health psychology, public health and health promotion. Nicola completed a PhD in public health (physical activity) and has extensive experience in the management and administration of research projects, including literature reviews, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies, population-based survey studies, intervention and randomised controlled trials, and interview and focus groups. She is interested in the psychological, social, and environmental influences on physical activity and sedentary behaviour; physical activity interventions (in particular behavioural counselling) to promote mental and physical health; and the association between physical activity/sedentary behaviour and psychological well-being. She is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).