NCRE-PAD Personnel

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Dr Smriti Krishna

Dr Krishna was awarded a PhD in 2006 in Cancer Biology from the Laboratory of Tumour Immunology and Functional Genomics in Regional Cancer Centre, India, and undertook Postdoctoral research in the Immunology Department in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences in UAE University. She joined the QRC-PVD in 2009 to continue her research on genetic and epigenetic alterations leading to the development of PAD.

Dr Krishna leads one of the preclinical teams within the QRC-PVD with a special focus on development and use of preclinical models of blocked arteries (peripheral arterial diseases; PAD) and weakened arteries (abdominal aortic aneurysms; AAA). Translational research involves applying insights and discoveries generated by basic scientific inquiry for the treatment or prevention of human diseases. The long-term objective of the translational research program in the QRC-PVD is to develop new treatments for PAD and AAA, and so one focus of the research within the QRC-PVD has been examining the clinical relevance of pre-clinical models of AAA, lower limb ischemia and stroke.

Dr Krishna is also involved in the QRC-PVD Management and Biobank Sample committees to facilitate goal oriented progress of the team. She currently co-supervises 2 PhD students who are working on the topics of therapeutic revascularisation in lower limb ischemia and nutritional intervention in AAA.