Guideline Development

Australian involvement in guidelines specifically for patients with diseases of the peripheral arteries has to date been limited. Global adoption of NCRE-PAD findings requires their incorporation in national and international guidelines. Senior members of the NCRE-PAD have joined a number of international and national guideline and consensus groups to promote evidence based guidelines relevant to PAD and facilitate translation of important findings from the NCRE-PAD into policy. Examples include:

A) International

  • The World Health Organisation working party on the Global Burden of Disease assessment (CIB) 
  • The Transatlantic Inter-Society Consensus on the management of PAD (CIA)
  • The International Standards for Vascular Care Australia and New Zealand Society for Vascular Surgery (CIB, CIG)
  • The International Working Group for the Diabetic Foot (CIG)
  • The Global Vascular Guidelines for Severe Limb Ischemia (CIG) 

B) National

  • The HF National Blood Pressure and Vascular Disease Advisory Committee (CIA, CIH)
  • NSF National Guidelines for Stroke Management (CIA, CIH)
  • NHMRC Research Translation Faculty Multiple Complex Chronic Disease Case for Action (CIA)
  • NHMRC Research Translation Faculty Cardiovascular Disease-Stroke Case for Action (CIH)