Relevant Links

The NCRE-PAD has a facebook page!

Search NCRE PAD on facebook and click “Join Group” to access this resource.

ANZSVS website:

PAD and Exercise:

Find an accredited exercise physiologist:

Australia Cardiovascular Alliance:

The Australian Cardiovascular Alliance is advocating for a greater focus on cardiovascular disease research given this still remains the number one killer in the country and indeed globally.

A publicly available portal has been opened to enable members of the public to sign to show your support.  This is at no cost; it is a way for patients, their families and friends and just concerned citizens of the world to show they recognise the need for more research in this sector.

Name and state only will be published on the website, which will then serve as a public support and advocacy tool in requests for resources from the National Heart Foundation or Canberra or State Health Departments.

For Investigators and Study Coordinators:

TEDY Randomisation Website:

FAME Randomisation Website: